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Pearls of Art

These are some of my favorite polymer artists and sculptors on the Web. Watch the string grow! The order in which these artists appear means nothing. They are all masters in their own right. Please visit them - I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience as much as I do. -- Katherine

Marlaine Verhelst Fine Art Doll Artist. Exquisite artwork - full of imagination, mirth, and artistry.
George Stuart Superbly sculpted historical figures. You'll swear you met Ben Franklin.
Drew Williams creates extraordinary fantasy figures of every description. Imagination and artistry abound!
Karen Lewis' Lovely caneworked beads and jewelry designs. Astounding intricacy.
Kathleen Dustin She gives us wonderful caned polymer clay evening bags. High art in functional forms.
Gwen Gibson Silk screened and etched polymer clay designs. Exquisite artistry.
Robert Houghtailing Visit Figgy Mountain Frogery to see his laugh-out-loud amphibian whimsy and artistry.
Michael and Ruth Anne Grove Grove&Grove's wonderfully imaginative jewelry and masks. All the best in 2001!
Lynda Struble Delightfully impish elves and fairies, Lynda is a kindred spirit!
Ronna Morse, a wonderful doll artist who captures enchantment in both her miniature and full sized creations.
Susan Neiffer, an "aspiring" doll artist, creates wonderfully imaginative characters and portrait dolls!
James Lehman gives us astonishingly intricate and beautiful creations that defy description, except to say Wow!
Dinko Tilov A genius is at work here. Hilariously imaginative characters rendered in polymer clay! A must see!
Elise Winters, an innovator in polymer jewelry, her creations are astounding!
Margaret Regan's polymer jewelry and canes are exquisite and so is her presentation! Extraordinary talent!
Forest Rogers, a superb scultor and kindred spirit. Her illustrations and sculptures are wonderous!
Desiree McCrorey Beautiful jewelry, inventive tools, and terrific tutorials which share her exceptional talent!
Karen Williams Smith Where vivid imagination and impeccable artistry reside in the same person.
Peter Holland A masterful artist in ceramic clay and generous sculpting teacher. Complete creative tutorial!