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About Polymer Clay

The term polymer clay is used to describe synthetic clays manufactured by several companies under their individual trade names. Each manufacturer's formula varies in durability, texture, and color, but all are similar in one aspect: They are clays formulated to cure at temperatures far lower than typical kiln-baked clays. Because of their relatively low firing temperatures, these clays have seen a broadening application in arts and crafts. Their plastic-based composition yields a final product that is much less susceptible to breakage than ordinary clays. Still, it takes a seasoned artist to construct long-lasting sculpture when intricate design and several media are combined. All of art is not in the image alone. Katherine has been using these clays in her work since their introduction in the mid 1970s.

Katherine begins with an artistic concept, but also engineers each piece to select the most appropriate combination of media to create the final form. She deceives the eye with an infrastructure of brass wire and aluminum to form a solid armature for otherwise impossibly fragile creations. Through careful selection of clays, she achieves just the right combination of effects in color, texture, and flexibility. Strands of natural fiber perhaps, colored and feathered for hair or vine, adds texture to her work. Acrylic paint here and there to lend highlight to the natural colors of each piece and the work is done. As a finishing touch she also composes a short tale, describing each scene she creates.

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