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Classes and Demonstrations by Katherine Dewey
have clay -- will travel

Good news! Now that her new book Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay is finished, Katherine is resuming her teaching, happy to be on the road again. This page lets you know how to schedule classes and demonstrations by Katherine for your organization or guild.

Katherine offers one, two, and three-day classes on virtually any sculpting subject you can imagine. In addition, she offers two varieties of her one day classes, the standard six-hour class or an abbreviated half-day class on any subject, all designed to give your organization the scheduling flexibility you need. Her classes are all hands-on sculpting workshops covering a range of projects with an emphasis on mastering technique. If the subject you are interested in isn't among those for which she has already created lesson plans and workbooks (see workbook page), that's not an obstacle. She will discuss what you have in mind with you to come to a practical agreement, then develop a professional lesson for your class at no extra charge. Katherine has Demonstration sessions prepared on every technique she uses. These 60-90 minute sessions are available in conjunction with any class consignment or by separate arrangement. To check Katherine's current teaching schedule click here

Below are some of the standard arrangements and practices Katherine uses in her scheduling:

The table below shows the basic fees for each of Katherine's presentations. Adjustments and off-sets can be made depending on circumstances. As Katherine says: "We'll work something out".

Standard Class Sizes and Fees
Presentation Min Class Max Class Fee/Student
Full-Day (6 hrs) 6 15 $50/day
Half-Day (3 hrs) 10 15 $30/session
Demo* (90 min) 4 as practical $15/session
Tutoring** 1 1 $35/hour
* demo sessions are available with scheduled class consignments or by special arrangement
**individual tutoring may be available - after class chit-chat is always free

email inquiries to kadewey@elvenwork.com