5-star Reviews

I find this book very helpful and full of interesting and wonderful pictures of works, as well as the process one goes through to make little clay beings come alive. Anyone interested in making clay dolls would be interested in the process, and this is extremely helpful in that regard.

This is an amazing book, if you were afraid before to try life like figures before this book will get you going. there are step by step information for even the worse scary cat. this has to be one of the very best books on the market today. love it .

This is my favorite book for sculpting! Great demonstrations for sculpting the hands, feet, legs, torso, face. It even shows you how to make the clothes and the hair. Wonderful pictures that show you step by step how to sculpt. The book gives you incredible ideas and demonstrations. I highly recommend this book!

I dabble about in clay but spend more time carving wood and this book is just a dream come true! The secrets behind how she creates her figures are so invaluable that I should send a thank you to the author for so generously sharing them. Wood carvers spend money buying just one book to cover carving noses, another for carving the mouth, etc.--but this books covers them all. Of course sculpting in clay involves adding on and woodcarving involves taking away, but still there is much to be learned from this book! It's a book I'll keep forever, if I can just keep my daughter from "borrowing" it.

I have been studying the book and find that this is without a doubt the most comprehesive book on polymer clay sculpting that I have yet read. Her illustrations are almost self explanatory and what I found most helpful of all is the instructions on how to make the tools to carry out the projects in the book. Full marks Katherine Dewey, I await your book on Life-like animals with baited breath.

One look at the finished sample sculptures the author shows will have you convinced that it is far too advanced a book if you are a beginning sculptor, however, each step is laid out in detail with full color photos as well to help you achieve a similar, if not exactly the same, effect. My finished sculpture lacked the finer details of the author's example, but considering it was my first and I didn't follow all of the steps exactly, it still turned out pretty good.

This is one of the most comprehensive books on sculpting that I've ever seen. Generous step-by-step, clear photographs make it easy to begin or improve sculpting. I highly recommend this book to beginners or advanced clay enthusiasts.

I found this book very helpful both in the detailed steps and images to match the steps. The author breaks down each section of the body and builds from muscle mass as well as proper proportions to scale. She also shows examples on how to change the scale of the female and male figure. I found this most helpful when transfering to a earthen clay medium instead of polymer. The author also shows how to make custom tools, armatures and props to match the subject matter. This book is great for the beginner as well as the professional artist. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to further their expertise in the figurative sculpting arena.

Overall I think this is an excellent book, even for the very beginner, especially if you have any leanings toward modeling. It gives precice intructions with excellent illustrations. I suggest reading the book all the way thru a couple of times before attempting your first project. A good idea with any project.

This book was recommended to me, and I was very pleased to find it all it was hyped up to be. The book itself is nicely done with color photos, and the artist who authored the book really knew how to explain things so a novice sculptor could "get it" too. I can see myself referring back to this book many times over the years when I have a question about something I haven't tried before in polymer clay.

There are a few instructional books on pc that I can say deliver what they promised on the cover and this is one of them. Usually when I buy books in amazon is like a gamble because I can't flip through the pages of the books I'm buying and sometimes I get dissapointed. But I'm glad I took a chance with this book. From the start, it gives you information about tools and different clays. I mean, she even goes to tell you how can you make some of your tools with clay. The models are well done, these days there aren't many artists that bother with details like muscles and veins and she explains that. Excellent book.

This is the book I have waited years to find. Beautiful step by step photos. I can't wait to get started.

This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to do sculpting of any kind on the human figure. Katherine Dewey is an excellent teacher in this book

I am enjoying this book and have been working with polymer clay for years, but this book gave me some pointers that I hadn't thought of. This book is great for inspiration and ideas and is useful for all at any skill level.

I found this book to be one of best primers in polymer clay figure sculpting available. Need to know how to make hands? Feet? Armature? Easy to follow, great pictures, exactly what I was looking for in my quest for books on figure sculpting. A necessity for the library of a "home-crafter" polymer fan.

I've been sculpting for a few years and always had difficulties with sculpting faces. This book shows you-in detail-how to sculpt human figures from head to toe! This book also shows you how to make your own sculpting tools! There's no need to spend a fortune on sculpting tools when you can make your own quite easily!!! There is so much more to this book! You will NOT be disappointed!!!!

Well set out, this book takes you through all the basic & even more detail on modeling the human form in polymer Clay. Great for the beginner, I like the simple language & detailed discriptions & diagrams. Excellent!

Based on her years of experience and her artistic know-how, Katherine Dewey has created an invaluable resource for beginners as well as the more experienced polymer artist, for creating realistic human figures. Artists are generally visual learners; we need visual aids rather than drab encyclopaedic instructions, and Katherine Dewey gives us the perfect balance of informative text with, most importantly, informative photos and illustrations, breaking down the human figure into individual, manageable parts. Also, she shares her methods for creating practical tools, sturdy armatures, eyeballs, hair, teeth, clothes, wrinkles, facial expressions, ethnic differences, and more. I have not seen a more useful guide.

I like the very concise instructions that are given throughout but I really like the detailed photos. This book makes me feel that, with some practice (well, maybe a lot....), that I too can try my hand at sculpting with the many polymer clays out there. Looking for more books by this author!

This book is terrific! The instructions are detailed and clear. Excellent info on materials and supplies needed. Katherine Dewey's books always lead you through the process without intimidating the would be sculptor using the new clays. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to try the new clays.

This is the best book I've read on modeling with sculpey and it was tremendously helpful to me. I recommend it to anyone interested in making miniature figures. It is well worth the money. If I lost mine, I'd happily pay up to 100.00 to replace it. Thanks Katherine Dewey!

If you are new to figure sculpting then this is the book you've been looking for. It shows you everything in a step-by-step guide with numerous explanations and photos. It has helped me immensely in my own learning. I highly recommend it.

I always wanted to work with clay and I searched for books that could help me with a step by step instructions, this book is it. I HIGHLY recommend this book for beginners. This book has helped me tremendously. I have both of her books. To see samples of her work she has a web page under her name.

This is a great book by Katherine Dewey, definately an improvement on her first and I can't wait to get into trying the models in her book. It would be most helpful to anyone with a basic knowledge in art, sculpting and polymer clay, but anyone will benefit from reading and practicing. I love Katherines sculptures, she's a talented lady and the right person to be producing a book like this.

Begining and professional doll and figure makers will find this book an excellent resource. The entire process used by this artist is diagramed and photographed in detail. The beginner will find everything from buying, finding, and making the most useful tools, through how much clay will be used in a sculpt. Instructions are laid out in clear, clean, methodical steps that can be used as a lesson plan for learning ever more complex techniques. The experienced artist will be grateful to have so many techniques outlined in one book. No matter how long you have been making figures, you will find something in this book that will make your work easier, more fun, or help you produce a more professional figure. An excellent book; it belongs in every dimensional artists' library.

This is the book I have been looking for. Sculptors of figurative sculptures (dolls) will find this book very helpful no matter what their experience level is. Anatomy is handled in a very simple yet precise way. Great book. I love it.

This book is everything I had been looking for regarding smaller scale full body sculpts. Katherine Dewey so precisely outlines each step, it is incredible! Not a book for a total polymer clay novice, but on the other hand, it is not confusing and difficult to follow like other books I have bought before. She presents the instructions so clearly, and doesn't leave out anything! This is a book that I will cherish for years to come. You will not be disappointed if you are interested in creating realistic figures!

This is a beautiful, profusely illustrated book by THE master of sculpting with polymer clay. It's 144 pages packed *full* of information. The title of this book is accurate - it's truly a "step by step" guide, and it's for those people who are interesting in learning to sculpt lifelike, not cutesy, figures. We've waited a long time for this one. I would have bought it at twice the price.

Creating Life-Like Figures in Polymer Clay is the most comprehensive book I have come across for the Polymer Clay artist. Katherine Dewey is inspiring and makes it possible to achieve wonderful results by following her techniques. The book is a joy to read to look at, as the entire book is in colour. An invaluable book to have as part of any clay artist reference library. (British reviewer)

Es ist das beste Buch dieser Art, dass ich je in meinen Händen hatte. Auch wer die Englische Sprache nicht beherrscht, das Buch ist so reich bebildert, dass die Fotos auch ohne Text für sich sprechen. Für jemanden, der sich für das Modellieren von kleineren Figuren voll aus Modelliermasse interessiert, ist es einfach genial. Es wird wirklich jeder Schritt erklärt und mit Fotos dargestellt. Das Modellieren der einzelnen Körperteile (in verschiedenen Ausführungen) und die Befestigung der Teile. Auch die modellierte Kleidung fehlt nicht. Es wird nach 2 Maßen gearbeitet 1:6 und 1:12. Und natürlich jede Menge Tipps! (German reviewer)